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Escape Room Game


In the spirit of Halloween and nostalgic itch of Flash Developing, I started working on an Escape Room game. It's still a bit buggy and in the early stages of development.

Currently it's not built for responsive design but it is the plan eventually. I've used HTML, CSS3, and jQuery for this build and its for desktop view only.

Make sure to zoom out to 80% on smaller screens. The Game does have ambient music and sound effects just make sure the browser tab isn't muted for greater in-game experience. Good Luck!

Play Demo

AR App


I've been messing around with AR.js, the idea of being able to create AR apps through the web browser really caught my attention. It's a fairly simple app but there's alot of potential this current tech.

Try it out by launching the app on your mobile or laptop camera and point it to target the Hiro Marker. The app may ask for permissions to access your camera.

Launch AR App