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  • Toronto March 10 2011 - Calgary May 10 2011 - Vancouver May 12 2011
  • Quebec September 13 2011 - Halifax November 1 2011 - Ottawa November 3 2011

Virtualization density. eX5 servers support maximum virtualization density, which translates to the lowest cost per virtual machine. With the highest number of VMware VMs on each highly-scalable server, savings accrue on hardware, space, operations, and licensing costs.

Mainframe-inspired reliability. IBM System x and IBM BladeCenter servers shield your IT from disaster with multiple levels of protection, including redundant I/O, I/O virtualization, IBM Predictive Failure Analysis, light path diagnostics, and automatic node failover.

The IBM eX5 architecture and scalability. IBM System x enterprise servers with IBM eX5 architecture provide revolutionary scalability to 64 processor cores and 3TB of memory with the x3850 X5, advanced reliability features, and a high-performance memory subsystem with multiple layers of memory protection. With up to 64 cores and 1TB of memory, the systems provide the processing power and memory capacity for virtualization of larger business-critical workloads without impacting application performance. More applications in a virtualized environment mean greater cost savings and reduced downtime.