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Pizza Pizza Digital Signage

I was asked to create a digital signage concept for school. The idea was to remind customers that if you fill out the survey you have a chance to win a prize within a 30second segment. The concept was designed in Photoshop and put together with Adobe After Effects.

SMBA Video

The SMBA video was put together for Ingram Micro's internal vendor who wanted to convert a Power Point Presentation into a 2min video at short notice. I was responsible for the design, storyboarding, and video and sound editing. Due to time restriction and short notice the ETA for the video was 1 week and delivered on time. The SMBA video was designed and edited using Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Soundbooth.

Gala Event

The Gala event video was put together for an Ingram Micro and partners event. They wanted a spruced up power point presentation which quickly turned into a video presentation. I worked directly with the marketing manager on the storyboard. My responsibilities included cropping segments of the original Ocean's 11 film, adding new video sequences, adjusting the sound and adding any additional animation to the presentation as well as rendering. The video had to flow well and accordingly to the storyboard.